5 rules for dating a journalist

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In 1997, the High Court heard the case of former New Zealand Prime Minister Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the rulings of the Theophanous and Stephens v West Australian Newspapers.

"While the judges unanimously confirmed the existence of an implied constitutional freedom of political speech, they did not cite it as a defense against defamation action by politicians." Since Australian law does not currently accept the implied freedoms as a defamation defense, Australian journalists facing slander or libel must use common law defense.

That’s because they’re designed to bring new readers to your site via Google or Bing.The best SEO headlines address both of the primary ways people use search engines: typing in keywords (Scotland votes no independence reasons) and asking questions (Why did Scotland vote no on independence? Bearing these limiting factors in mind, here are five guidelines for writing effective SEO headlines: SEO headlines should give away the heart of a story in the simplest language possible: make sure the subject of your story is in the headline, ideally at the beginning. Let’s say I’m looking to replace the default calendar on my phone.A story called “10 Great New Calendar Apps” will probably mention at least one or two apps gaining popularity that I’ll want to try out.Although it’s designed for marketers rather than journalists, it can help you make the choice between two similar potential headlines.Try variations on your original headline, and go back and forth between Google and the EMVH Analyzer.

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