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It is, however, reasonable to assume that at the time of the translation, the public reading of the consonantal text of many Scripture segments was a common practice and may therefore be considered part of the transmission of the text to which translators could have had recourse.

Otherwise they had to depend on their common sense in understanding the context.

For a more complete CV and list of publications see Albertus Kruger completed his D. In 1977 he was appointed as lecturer and in 1997 as Associate Professor.

Paul served on the editorial board and as guest editor of JNSL over several years.JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST SEMITIC LANGUAGES VOLUME 40/2 2014 EDITORS: J COOK I CORNELIUS C H J VAN DER MERWE P A KRUGER G R KOTZÉ VOLUME EDITOR: I CORNELIUS at the Stellenbosch University South Africa Editorial Board: Jan Joosten (Strassbourg), Meir Malul (Haifa), Cynthia Miller-Naudé (Bloemfontein), Jackie Naudé (Bloemfontein), Herbert Niehr (Tübingen), Hermann-Josef Stipp (München), Ernst Wendland (Lusaka), Arie van der Kooij (Leiden) Department of Ancient Studies Stellenbosch University The Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages (ISSN 0259-0131) is published half-yearly JNSL is an accredited South African journal. In 1981 he was appointed as lecturer and in 1992 as Associate Professor.It publishes peer reviewed research articles on the Ancient Near East. He supervised various Masters and Doctoral studies.In such cases, the process of reconstructing the vocalisation resembles that of reconstructing the consonantal text and is, in fact, a part of that process.One compares individual words in the LXX with their counterparts in MT, while isolating elements that reflect MT, both consonants and their vocalisation.2 Reconstructed vocalisations that differ from MT are referred to as “different vocalisations”.

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