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Choose Open network stream, paste that address in and it should appear if available.source another link to the KCTV live stream(direct): mms: // 112.1/chosun (currently offline)Via // www ( DISREGARD - not updated, now with spam links)Live stream page // www mx/on-air/ ( DISREGARD - not updated, now with spam links)(Update: August 2014) - The direct link ( mms // 112.1/chosun ) to the KCTV live stream is not working again - this has happened before, being offline for months and it has returned, so keep checking.(Found new direct link - see link at bottom of relays standard color bars but these switch to the KCTV testcard at around Pyongyang time.You can currently find the feed here: // 112.000/chosun (currently offline) Try clicking on it, but its best and easiest viewed in VLC Media Player.A test authorization of or less may be processed on your credit card for identity-theft prevention purposes.It will be automatically credited to you on your first purchase.Download the VLC player which will with MMS streaming: https:// the color bars between live broadcasting.(see broadcast hours schedule above)Also as of 2017/4/8 KCTV has a You Tube channel with the live stream: https: // www NOyv82Hxeojstfq YRSEQQ/videos?

He said: “This was a special game for us, for the players, for the country,” “I think in the first 30 minutes they were a little bit nervous, they were not as free as in the game against Japan.”But in comments that might bring about the ire of the Kim regime, he added: “We played a very good first game, but we don’t have as many good players as Japan or South Korea or China.“We have a small group with not so many quality players, so it is always difficult for me to change too many players.”Kim has a long track record of punishing athletes who do not achieve on the international stage – a potential issue for the nation’s footballers who are currently bottom of the table in the East Asian Championship.

view=2&flow=grid Streaming during normal KCTV broadcast schedule. Unfortunately, my computer has been messed up for a while and my flash won't download so I can't see if those links work or not.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -You Tube: In addition, many thousands of recordings from KCTV can be found from these You Tube channels:https:// Don't know - even the KFA site stream is not working. seems like every link enabling us to watch KCTV is dead the one Phil posted looked promising, but none of the links on the right the Ustream ones have given up too KCTV Only broadcasts the news then stops broadcasting.(Korea-TV, also on Ustream was excellent.alas, they have stopped now too). I've been working on it, the MS techs say I may have to do an OS reinstall. If past history is any indication, the streams may start working again at some point - they are known to be offline for months and then come back online eventually. (the required WMP plugin doesn't work on Chrome - I used Internet Explorer and all was well)sptv dot co dot kr (sorry - could post link as guest) on the 2nd link down on the list at the right of the page. I went to that link you posted, , and as you say the 2nd link down ( 평양방송 ) appears to be streaming KCTV.

The so-called “grand debate” was called because they had failed in their “ideological struggle” to win big at the biggest event in world football, which was hosted in South Africa.

The coach was handed down a punishment for “betraying” Kim Jong-un, reportedly being forced to spend the rest of his life working as a builder while also being expelled from the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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