Hillary talks about adult camps

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Looking for a warm and welcoming space to play your favorite games, such as Canasta or Mah-Jongg?

JCC Chicago offers free game rooms at Bernard Weinger JCC in Northbrook.

What many observers say will be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s final paid speech before she begins a presidential campaign was addressed to the American Camp Association.

Everyone loves summer camp, and the former secretary of state didn’t talk about anything controversial.

As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need camps for adults.

Clinton will be close to 70 when the presidential campaign starts in earnest.

Alex Jones brings us this news in the 1st video below while you can hear Hillary speaking directly, with the audience wildly applauding her suggestions, in the 2nd video.

As pointed out in the Tweet below from Rick Tapp, Hillary's 'fun camps' will be brought to us via generous donations from Algeria, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

And we need to figure out how to fill that fun deficit, certainly for our kids but also for the rest of us.), the only thing keeping the Republic alive being what still remains of the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments.Does anyone REALLY BELIEVE we'd still have the few remaining liberties we still have left without the 1st and 2nd?Bring your lunch for a relaxed break in between classes.Open University’s thematic lectures and discussions are engaging and thought-provoking.

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