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One of the region's agricultural and administrative centres, it has been a melting pot for local and immigrant populations.

Cuenca's architecture, much of which dates from the 18th century, was 'modernized' in the economic prosperity of the 19th century as the city became a major exporter of quinine, straw hats and other products.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 ), actuellement troisième ville du pays, a été fondée en 1557 selon les directives d'urbanisme rigoureuses établies trente ans auparavant par Charles Quint, roi d'Espagne.

Elle suit le plan orthogonal officiel respecté depuis 400 ans.

Founded in 1577 according to the guidelines issued thirty years earlier by the King of Spain, Charles V, it has preserved over four centuries its original orthogonal plan.Centre agricole et administratif de la région, la ville est devenue un lieu de brassage pour les populations locales et immigrantes.L'architecture de Cuenca, qui date en grande partie du XVIII تقع سانتا آنا دي لوس ريوس دي كوينكا في وادٍ تحيطه جبال الآند جنوب الإكواتور.Cuenca is an outstanding example of a planned inland Spanish colonial town.Integrity The Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca retains the majority of attributes necessary for the expression of its Outstanding Universal Value, which are complete and intact.

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