Relative formula not updating when copying dating playground

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For you, thebest method would probably be to hit the power button on yourlaptop rather than to hit the shut down option in your start menu.

Unless there is an update or you need to sync files to a server,there is no real need for the complete...

An Easter Egg is a term used for a hidden item in a computer programme. When the Save As window opens, look toward the bottom of the window for the "Save as type:" drop down.

Up to version 2000 of Excel, there were hidden games in them. To find them there is usually a long-winded process to be gone through. From the drop down selection click on "Web Page (*.htm; *.html). An I-beam is a cursor on the mouse that makes it look like a  capital "I".

It happens when the mouse goes over highlightable  text.

When you mouseover text, the cursor changes its look, the new  'I' look is called an I-beam pointer.

Letters and special characters are formatted as text and justified left.

Quickest way is to click the red "X" in the top right corner of window.

If the worksheet needs to be saved, you will be prompted to save, if you like.

Suppose you have two worksheets with information on for the same person.

On each worksheet you have an identifying reference number for each person.

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