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Most important question of the day: Why two i Phones? Plus, one has all my naked pictures on it and the other one doesn’t.

Yes there’s a lot of other shit that’s going on, but that’s what I want them to. Maybe people will be like, “Mer, a very good performance up until the end.” In the book, your character has so many of the best one-liners and they said that as the script went through all these changes they made sure to put those in. BOWER: Yeah but, like, there are moments, but they’re said so flat and so deadpan and that’s what makes them so funny.Harald, when I first got here, when Lily and I first got here, before we started shooting, we did a lot of pre-production stuff and fight training and sort of just warming up to being here while everything is going on, it’s nice to have those moments.So we were doing a lot of stunt stuff and Harald was like, “I don’t want any wires; I don’t want any wire work. I want it to be very much — If you’re going to do something, if you’re going to do a flip, then you need to be able to do a flip. That’s me jumping from the floor onto a table doing a flip in midair, which I know sounds really stupid, but the 14-year-old boy inside me goes, “That’s fucking awesome." data-visio-width="1820" data-visio-height="2669" class="js-visio__image js-visio__trigger" alt="" src="https://com/diormag/sites/default/files/styles/dn_image_slider/public/image/emma_watson_visuel.jpg?itok=emine YLW" width="621" height="910" / A coffee enjoyed in the London morning sunshine, a moment of relaxation on a terrace.

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