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Cuz he/she's got the knowledge to take over the world! There aren't many titles where I am actually rooting for the "villians" more than the official hero.

Genderbent anthropomorphized Usakotsu: full OP theme is awesome.(who is just some guy with a red mask that basically mooches off his girlfriend)Holy crap! It's so stupid and outrageous but it's friggin' HILARIOUS!! Surprising even after Sunred's inactivity, he is still in good shape can lay heavy beat down on Florshiem's monsters.: D It's like they took everything we know about "masked" warrior / sentai-type shows, shook them up, and ran them through a blender! The reason is probably that in episode 1 it is hinted that Sunred's alternated occupation is a gigolo.:p Forshiem being a big organization gets beat up by heroes on a regular basis. Its off shore offices were mostly closed in the mid-90's despite its near 100 year history ( within the United States. As was him getting thrown out a window, having his ringtone be the ED theme, and getting to see a few more heroes. & i can't stop humming Vamp's mobile phone ringtone. Sunred production staff licensed the famous song for this episode from JASRAC. Maybe I would walk like that if my girl told me off like that ^^The entire ceiling monster thing is so funny.:( Also let's not forget the 'A Nagoyan Morning Coffee comes with Toast, Boiled Eggs, Salad and sometimes some Bananas Punch! Specially when the real Deruzu show up, Vamp suddenly had that look, "Then what the heck had been living in our ceiling? x D I'm really curious to what he/she is and where he/she came from.

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