Thats so raven the dating shame

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Eddie also wants to participate in the show, but behind the scenes, which earns him a part as Rodney’s assistant.Before they’re getting ready to film the show Raven has a vision of herself on the show saying that Chelsea’s a loser.When they hear the nice things the other said, they apologize to each other and make up.They then tell Rodney that they’re quitting the show, because their friendship isn’t worth fighting over a boy.Raven&Chelsea goes on a dating show,""Termi Date""to win a date with the very cute Chad. Per poter vedere completo The Dating Shame, episodio 17 della stagione 2 di That's So Raven streaming ita È possibile utilizzare servizi come Netflix, pay per view, utilizzare programmi come emule o torrent o Vedere nei cinema.La durata totale di questo intero episodio è 30 minuti.Chad was the main object of affection on the show Termi Date.

Meanwhile, Cory lies to Tanya and Victor to stay home alone when they say that he is not old enough to do so.By the time they’re meant to start the next section of the show, neither of them are very happy with each other.Eddie is suspicious about how Rodney got Raven and Chelsea to say mean things about each other, and he tells Eddie that he filmed them saying nice things and edited them to make them look mean.Raven suggests that maybe it’s not a good idea to go on the show because they might get competitive, but Chelsea, who assumes she’s talking about her, reassures her that she won’t say anything mean about her.Raven tells Eddie about her vision, and Eddie just suggests that Raven doesn’t call her a loser, which Raven decides makes sense.

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