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Although the original series is in Spanish, it was dubbed by local actors.

This proved to be controversial among the Chilean audiences, so Chilevision clarified that the intention was to remove the Argentine local slang, as the jokes may be otherwise difficult to be understood by non-Argentine audiences.

The production was halted on April 18, 2015, because of a labor strike of all Argentine actors, decided by the Asociación Argentina de Actores.

Producer Adrián Suar criticized it, as the program had an expensive location shooting prepared for that day.

She sought the help of her mom's old friend in Buenos Aires, Concepción(Ana Maria Picchio), who had become a nun and is also Santa Rosa Convent's superior nun .

It included a show by Luciano Pereyra, the author of a production theme. Federico Kunz, a priest from the San Luis province, started an online petition asking for the removal of the program.

The separation of Juan and Ingrid generated several crisis with their 5 children.

Aurora did not trust Félix very much, as he did not initially mention that he was married, delayed in separating from Michelle, and discovered him lying and cheating her at several times. Félix finally separated from Michelle and asked Aurora for marriage.

Juan and Aurora began a romance, which was resisted by Juan's family.

He tried to rebuild the relation with Ingrid at the request of their daughter Mora, who was about to die at the time; the whole family moved to his apartment.

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