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But after receiving complaints from some users, the Facebook change the settings for this feature so that users can now set which can be displayed in News Feed / News series news and what does not. In this feature the user can import his writings on other blogs (Xanga, Live Journal, Blogger, etc.) to appear on Facebook.April 7, 2008, Facebook launched one of the favorite features is 'Chat / Chat', a place where users can send private messages to each other directly and in real time.Features of this free advertising is made to compete with similar features introduced by Craigslist.July 2008, Facebook spruce site's appearance so that each category (wall, info, photos, etc.) have separate tabs.In 2005 also, facebook has expanded the reach of users to the high school student.Still in the same year, a number of universities in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand also been able to enjoy the Facebook network.

Moreover, it can also send messages to each other, joining a group or more.Starting in July 2007, Facebook allows users to send various attachments (links, applications, etc.) directly to Wall / Wall, where previously only a text-only permitted.Over time, Facebook adds some new features into its site.Microsoft is the exclusive partner in the Facebook ads-banner ads.This is why Facebook menayang only ads that are contained in the Microsoft network.

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